Our Approved Certifications

All our products are certified by internationally recognized organizations.

What we do

Olive oil

Olive oil

Our know-how in the extraction of olive oil.

The Argan

The Argan

The fruit of the Argan tree and its derivatives.

Prickly pear

Prickly pear

The prickly pear and its incredible virtues.

Our packaging

Our Packaging

Our various packaging are available in quantities ranging from 50 ml to 1000 liters. A wide range is proposed to you according to your choice, location and needs.

  • bidon
    Plastic Bottles '25 Liters'
    - Pressure resistant.
    - Handle on the top.
    - Simple filling with the large oval opening for safe storage and transport.
  • Metal drums in steel '216 liters'

    material : Steel (black iron) / (tinplate)
    Capacity : 216 liters
    Utilisations : ... Argan Oil / ...Oil / ...Oil

    Suitable for maritime shipping. The barrel offers a very important space saving for transport and storage.

  • ibc
    Containers type IBC '1000 Liters'

    material : - Natural UV-stabilized PEHD pocket, food grade / Galvanized steel cage.
    Capacity : 1000 liters
    Utilisations : ... Argan Oil / ...Oil / ...Oil

    The protective cage is made of laminated steel wire, protected by an epoxy polyester coating, guaranteeing good resistance and protection during transport.